WUPTA May meeting minutes

2017 WUPTA Min. May

Western U.P. Trail Association

Meeting Minutes, Sunday, May 21, 2017, 12:00 PM

Hautala’s, Ironwood, MI

Call to Order:  Ross Kolesar-President called the meeting to order at 12:00 P.M.

Roll Call:  Ross Kolesar-President, Kim Kolesar-Secretary, Suzanne Toth-Treasurer, Jim Spencer, Darrin Jarvenpaa-Trail Boss, Mary Abramson, Randy Abramson, Carmen Jarvenpaa, Darwin Lohse, Dianne Lohse, Betsy Whitley, Mark Whitley, Keith Jorgren, Keith Wolters, Debbie Wolters, Tom Peterson.  Excused:  Bruce Vuorenmaa, Deb Fergus 

Approval of MinutesMotion by Randy Abramson, support by Mary Abramson to approve the April 2017 minutes. All ayes, motion carried.

Approval of FinancialsMotion by Randy Abramson , support by Darrin Jarvenpaa to approve April 2017 financials. All ayes, motion carried.  Suzanne Toth said she donated to WUPTA by purchasing Quickbooks to make it easier for tracking and reporting purposes.

Public Comments:  Darwin Lohse from the Lakeland, WI. ORV club talked to the group about their trail system.  He also mentioned there will be an upcoming grand opening and invited all to attend.  Once a date is set, WUPTA will invite a Michigan state representative to attend seeing it will connect with Michigan.  Future ride loops were also discussed. Darwin offered some insight on raffles.

ORV Youth Safety Course: Ross Kolesar said 22 kids attended the ORV youth safety course held at GCC on April 29.   Gogebic County Recreation Officer Brandon Lyons assisted, along with WUPA members Deb Fergus and Zach Wangelin.  Ross mentioned that both Deb and Zach were in Escanaba getting their ORV instructors certificate.

WUPTA Website: No update.  Rob Freeman absent.

Membership Drive Update:  Kim Kolesar gave a brief update on the status of the 2017-18 club membership drive listing the new members that recently joined.

DNR Grant/Report:  Ross Kolesar gave an update on the 2018 ORV trail improvement grant recently submitted.  Trails were also discussed.

WUPTA merchandise (hats/shirts/etc.):  After a brief discussion about ordering WUPTA shirts, scarves, etc., Kim and/or Ross Kolesar will look into cost

Bessemer 4th of July Parade:  The Bessemer 4th parade was briefly discussed.  Member were asked if they wanted to participate for marketing purposes.  It will be on the agenda again in June.

Club Raffle:  Suzanne Toth and Kim Kolesar submitted additional information requested by the State of Michigan to qualify for a raffle.  Waiting on approval.  Once approved, raffle prizes, times, dates, etc. will be further discussed.  Note:  Carmen Jarvenpaa gave a donation to the club from the Wakefield Holiday Gas Station for the raffle.

Club Ride:  Hurley ATV rally was mentioned.  Meet at the Ironwood Depot on Friday, 5/26/17 between 5-5:30 PM.  A club ride was scheduled for 6/10/17, 10:30 AM, meeting at the Wakefield Am. Legion.

Other: None

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 6:00 PM, Aurora Club/Ironwood.

AdjournmentMotion by Mary Abramson, support by Cheryl Carr to adjourn the meeting at 1:10 PM.  All ayes, motion carried.